Ledges - Painted

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Create ruined floors, crumbling pits, precarious chasms, and other "negative space builds" with these double-sided pieces.

Please note: The anchor magnets in all "ledge" pieces are fully enclosed inside each piece to make these pieces reversible. This diminishes the pull of the magnets a bit since they aren’t as close to the surface. While your ledges will still stick to level terrain trays, they will slide a bit if you hold your trays at steep angles.

AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 2
AV-519 1x1 Dungeon Floor 4
AV-527 1x4 Dungeon Floor 1
LG-501 Straight Ledge 4
LG-502 Short Straight Ledge 2
LG-504 Short Outside Curve Ledge 4
LG-505 Outside Curve Ledge 4
LG-506 Swell Ledge 4
LG-507 Stepping Stone Ledge 2
LG-508 Inside Curve Ledge 2
RU-507 Rough Terrain Floor 1
Ledges - Painted
Ledges - Painted
Ledges - Painted