Medieval Building Expansion Set

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The Medieval Building Expansion Set is the second set in the Medieval Building line. It offers some awesome pieces to bring Medieval Buildings set-ups to life. This set works best when combined with the Medieval Building Set, and it will be especially useful with the summer release of the Tavern Accessory Set. The main thrust of this set allows collectors to add multiple levels to their designs, but it also includes some other cool pieces that will give set-ups a great deal more flavor.

The set contains all these NEW pieces:

x1 Fire Place
x1 Upper & Lower Stair
x2 Narrow Doors (very handy with certain configurations)
x2 Medieval Beds (each a different color)
x4 Stone Pillars
x4 Wooden Railings
x1 6" x 6" Floor Tile
x1 4" x 6" Floor Tile
x4 Straight Walls w/Candles
x4 Diagonal Walls
x4 Diagonal Floors
x1 Floor Hatch

Medieval Building Expansion Set