Medieval Building Set

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The "Medieval Building Set" is the first of many above-ground sets that will finally allow our collectors to take their adventures into villages, towns and cities. The set is FULLY compatible with all our other Master Maze sets -- as the dungeon pieces can double as stone structures along side the "tudor" style MBS pieces.

The set consists of the basic pieces that all DF collectors are familiar with but with a twist. In order to make the set as cool as possible, we have included THREE different Straight Wall pieces and well as TWO Corner Wall pieces. This should give your taverns, inns, warehouses, thieves' guilds and wharfs a more realistic look. Also, just to give the set an extra little bit of geeky fun, we have also included a Secret Door Wall to help create some fun adventures. You can use it as just a bookshelf -- or as a secret door leading into some adventure.

The pieces included are:

4x - Doors - x4
6x - Straight Wall 1
2x - Straight Wall 2
2x - Straight Wall 3
4x - Window Wall
6x - Corner Wall 1
2x - Corner Wall 2
12x - 2x2 Floor 1
1x - 2x2 Floor (bearskin rug)
1x - Secret Door

All these pieces can be used to make some awesome above-ground adventures. They come fully hand-painted and with felt bottoms. Additional photos show what is possible with 1 or more Medieval Building Set, the Medieval Furniture Set and the Dungeon Accessories Set.

Medieval Building Set