Small Tower Fortified (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


Expand your small tower with two fortified levels-- or build a new tower suitable for defending your territory from enemy invaders. This pack includes two stories of a 4" diameter tower with arrow slits, with or without a door. Note: we offer 4" (small) and 6" (large) diameter towers. This pack builds 4" towers.

This set contains 14 pieces:

4-T4-003 4in Tower Doorway Wall 1
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 1
4-T4-001 4in Tower Solid Wall 2
4-T4-002 4in Tower Arrowslit Wall 2
4-T4-006 4in Tower Half - Solid 1
4-T4-007 4in Tower Half - Arrowslit 1
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 2
4-F4-002 Tower Half Floor 2
4-ST-011 Curved Stone Stairs 2
Small Tower Fortified (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®