Erinthor Mountains Set (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


A huge assortment of cliff and mountain pieces that can be combined in endless variations to create elevated bases for castles and buildings, or to make jagged mountains, towering cliffs, and rocky ravines. Also combine well with other natural terrain such as the DF KS2 Caverns. Post-KS Improvements: Newly sculpted 2x2 Mountain Elevation Block replaces 2x2 Caverns Elevation Block; newly sculpted Mountain Ledge replaces Caverns Ledge. Note: Mountains pieces are made on the true 1" scale like all other pieces in the Castle system.

This set contains 108 pieces:

4-EV-017 Elder Earth Elemental 1
4-EV-015 8x8 Mountain Ground 3
4-EV-018 4x4 Mountain Ground 6
4-EV-005 Earth Ramp - Right 2
4-EV-013 Cliff Peak 4
4-EV-006 Earth Ramp - Left 2
4-EV-014 Cliff Rock Mound 8
4-EV-009 Small Curved Cliff 8
4-EV-012 Cliff Rock Base 8
4-EV-016 Cliff Tree 2
4-EV-001 Straight Cliff 12
4-EV-002 Curved Cliff 6
4-EV-007 2x1 Elevation Block 12
4-EV-003 Swell Cliff 8
4-EV-019 Small (Cliff) Ledge 10
4-EV-008 Inside Curved Cliff 6
4-EV-010 Cave Opening 2
4-EV-011 Cave Plug 2
4-EV-020 Mountain Elevation Block 6
Erinthor Mountains Set (Unpainted)
Erinthor Mountains Set (Unpainted)
Erinthor Mountains Set (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®