Caverns Core

Delve deep underground with our Caverns Core Sets. Each includes the perfect mix of basic pieces to build twisting tunnels and cavernous lairs. When you’re ready, enhance your Core Sets with our Expansion PacksSpecial Effects Packs and Accessory Packs.

Pictured are two caverns corners, two straight walls, and two 2 inch by 2 inch floors, all with varied stalagmite and cavern pool formations

Basic Building Blocks

Our Caverns Core Sets contain mostly basic cave pieces: Walls, Floors, and Corners. There’s more than one sculpt for each so your Caverns look more organic. All the pieces have a 2x2 footprint for easy building.

Add even more variation by with our Expansion Packs. Introduce new wall shapes with sets such as our Caverns Core Advanced Builderor tunnels with our Passages Pack.

Four Styles

Our Caverns come in four different paint themes: subterranean Stone, arctic Ice, eerie Underdoom, and fiery Hellscape. We have special transition pieces to connect one style seamlessly with another.

Underdoom Core Set coming soon.

Four straight cavern walls, all similar in sculpt, each in different paint schemes: standard cavern, ice cavern, hellscape, and underdoom.
A 1-inch grid shown below various cavern wall and floor pieces to demonstrate the 1-inch grid integrated into each sculpt and anchor magnets at the bottom of each floor piece which affix to our metal terrain trays.

Packed with Features

Each basic Caverns piece includes:

•   A 1” grid, sculpted into the organic stone

•  An embedded anchor magnet to affix to our Terrain Trays

The Caverns Core Sets also contain some exciting detail pieces, including a freestanding Cave Arch, Stalagmites, and a Hole Floor (with removable lid) to create traps, hazards or secret passages. For even more features, choose , which add eye-catching details such as glowing mushrooms and magnetic webs.

Start your Caverns collection with these sets: