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Indestructible Dwarvenite®

Hi, we’re Dwarven Forge. Since 1996, we've devoted ourselves to creating the world’s finest gaming terrain. We sculpt by hand to make every tiny detail a work of art. Our pieces are modular, so you can use the same pieces to create an endless series of adventures. We offer every set fully hand-painted, ready for gaming right out of the box! Except as otherwise noted, we cast our terrain in Dwarvenite®, a dense and extremely durable material which feels great to the touch, isn’t easily knocked over and resists chipping and breakage.

Use our pieces to build dungeons, castles, caverns, cities, sewers, burrows, forests, mountains, and more. The set choices can be overwhelming at first. We recommend starting your collection with some of our Core Sets, which provide all the pieces you need for a variety of builds.



Dungeon Core Sets

These sets give you everything you need to build the most diabolical dungeon adventure for your players. Core Sets work great alone or in multiples, and are designed to be supplemented with our Expansion Packs, Special Effects Packs and Accessory Packs.

Basic Building Blocks

Two Styles

Packed With Features

Start your Dungeon collection with these sets:

Starter Dungeon - Painted

Classic Dungeon Remastered Core Set - Painted

Deluxe Starter Set - Zaltar's Gameroom (Encounter 1) - Painted

Cavern Core Sets

Delve deep underground with our Caverns Core Sets. Each includes the perfect mix of basic pieces to build twisting tunnels and cavernous lairs. When you’re ready, enhance your Core Sets with our Expansion Packs, Special Effects Packs and Accessory Packs.

Basic Building Blocks

Four Styles

Packed With Features

Start your Caverns collection with these sets:

Basic Cavern Set

Cavern Core Set

Cavern Core Mega Pack

Cities Core Sets

Our City Core Sets have everything you need to create a small tavern (or a whole village) and bring it to life with intricate details. Start with one or two Core Sets, then expand your city with Expansion Packs, Special Effects Packs, and Accessory Packs .

City Builder System

Two Styles

Packed With Features

Start your Cities collection with these sets:

Tudor Cottage Set

(also available in Stone)

Tudor Starter Set

(also available in Stone)

Hamlet Set

...and for more inspiration...