Welcome to the World of Dwarven Forge!

Since 1996 we’ve been crafting the world’s finest gaming terrain. Our team of artists and gamers is dedicated to creating the best pieces possible - exactly what we want to use in our own games. Read on to discover the many details and features that make our terrain unique.

What Makes Our Terrain Special?

1. Sculpted By Hand

Just like our bearded namesake, we take great pride in the products we create. Our pieces are extremely durable, meticulously detailed, and
infused with artistry, passion, and adventure. If you’ve never held Dwarven Forge terrain in hand, we highly recommend a sample set to see the craftsmanship for yourself.

2. Hand Painted

We offer all of our pieces fully hand-painted so they are ready to play the moment you get them. We design color palettes that are rich and immersive, and make a gorgeous backdrop for your miniatures to shine.

3. Created by Gamers for Gamers

Dwarven Forge is a team of lifelong gamers, artists, and fantasy lovers. We methodically design everything with actual gameplay in mind, carefully crafting the pieces we want to use on our own game tables.

4. Modular Terrain System

We design our pieces with compatible geometry so you can mix them all - dungeons with cities, mountains with caverns, and  build the ultimate modular world. Time and again, our customers have found creative ways to combine our terrain that we hadn’t thought of.

Modular terrain system

5. Scale And Grid

Our terrain works best with 25-28mm scale miniatures, although many Dwarven Forge customers use 32mm or even 40mm miniatures. Our terrain is sculpted with an integral 1-inch grid for RPGs, cleverly hidden in the organic shapes of the pieces. For skirmish games, you can ignore the subtle grid and move freely across an immersive battlefield.

Scale and grid terrain

6. Storage Friendly

Modularity not only offers more versatile building, it also makes for easier storage. After your session, your build can be broken down into its component pieces, and organized to fit your storage solution. You can file them in drawers, stack them in bins, or even just toss them into a bag – our Dwarvenite® castings means you don’t have to be gentle.

Storage friendly

How Do I Start?

Join the Community

Dwarven Forge community

The “Dwarven Army” (what we call our fans)  is full of GMs and players alike, with a wealth of information to share. We highly recommend joining our discord, where you can talk to customers and the DF team to get advice on shopping, building, and running games. You can also catch us on Twitch most Wednesdays from 7 to 9pm (US Eastern Time), and Thursdays from 6 to 8pm.

Core Sets and Bundles

While our line of products is large, we’ve made great starting points in each biome, called “Core Sets”. These will give you the basic building blocks you’ll use over and over again for games in that biome. We’ve also created some Starter Bundles that combine core sets with some expansion sets to create a full encounter, and they come with a bonus gift card.

Core sets and bundles
Build with character

Build with Character

Once you have your essential core pieces, you can augment them with expansion sets. Advanced shapes, setpieces, elevation, and SFX sets mean no two builds ever have to look the same. Make your encounters memorable by adding modular LEDs, magnetic accessories, thematic dressing, cinematic effects, towering heights, and more.

Table Coverage

Our expansive line of texture mats, terrain trays, and battleboards features industry-first textures and graphics that seamlessly combine with Dwarven Forge terrain for larger, quicker, cost-effective builds. A few terrain trays and scatter sets is a flexible, affordable entry point for your collection. Our battleboards and terrain trays also magnetically hold your pieces in place for secure building.

Table Coverage
Wargame friendly

Wargame Friendly

Our terrain isn’t just for RPGs. Our Wargame Scatter collection has sets  designed for building open battlefields perfect for wargames or skirmish battles. Large terrain elements for line-of-sight and cover, quick elevation, and LED showpieces for objectives — all pre-painted, durable, and playable with miniatures from 25 to 32mm.

Dwarven Forge in 60 Seconds