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Reliquaries are exquisite hand-painted sculptures designed to display your favorite dice in a place of majesty.

All Reliquaries come hand-painted in thematic color schemes designed by our team to look just as good alone as they do in a group.

Each sculpt features interchangeable Dice Inserts to accommodate a variety of different dice sizes and styles.

Writhing tentacles, ominous wings, innumerable unblinking eyes, these are just a few of the horrors of the Eldritch Reliquaries!

Each Eldritch Reliquary is an unsettling amalgamation of eerie details inspired by cosmic horror and dark fantasy.

The dark power of a fallen elder god crushes stone and wreathes your dice in an unnatural eldritch light.

An ingenious blend of magic and technology, Artificer Reliquaries surround your dice with clockwork machinations and energize them with an arcane spark.

The Furnace Portal places your die in the midst of rising mechanical arms, while the glowing arcane forge powers it with alchemical energy from beneath.

Artificer animation

Each Artificer Reliquary was designed as functional fantasy contraption with a purpose - not just a random collection of gears and cables. Can you discern all of the magical machinations?

With delicate curving architecture from an ancient magical civilization, Elven Reliquaries gracefully lift your dice aloft while infusing them with mystic energy.

The centerpiece of the Elven line, the Mystic Crescent holds a dice high off the ground and illuminates it from beneath with a gentle glow from an embedded color-changing LED.

Each Elven Reliquary is covered with intricate carvings and elegant knotwork creating the ideal display for your most beautiful dice.

Comprised of translucent, swirling, elemental energy, our Elemental Reliquaries infuse your dice with the primal forces of nature.

Each Elemental Reliquary depicts a moment of fluid magic frozen in time, allowing each piece to capture the shifting essence of living energy.

The translucent forms of the Elemental Reliquaries theme are the perfect showcase for translucent, glittery, and high-contrast dice.

The stalwart stone guardians of our Dwarven collection vigilantly protect your dice as if they were hand-crafted heirlooms from their own master smith.

The Dwarven Reliquaries are sculpted to feel like the meticulous handiwork of dwarven stone masons, featuring strong lines, sharp angles, and powerful animal motifs.

The gray and gold Dwarven Reliquaries are an ideal pairing for heavier dice such as gemstone, metallic, and inlaid dice.


Reliquaries Sets