Reliquaries Epic Thrones for Legendary Dice. Pictured is the 7-die array of one Dwarven hero, two dwarven pededstals, and four dwarven thrones seated atop a mahogany wood display tray with dust motes and a flowing red backdrop
The Dwarven hero, throne, and pedestal pictured with matching golden metal dice
Translucent blue and white water elemental dice throne holding a d6 in a mountain terrain setting
Gif of a hand swapping d10 dice of varied shapes and sizes atop two dwarven pedestal dice reliquaries
Two dwarven reliquaries and two elemental reliquaries atop dungeon tiles with a dramatic foggy background
eerie graphic of Eldritch Reliquaries logo
The eldritch trio of one hero, one pedestal, and one throne are seated atop a fiery hellscape setting with matching purple dice in each reliquary.
A close up detail shot of the Eldritch throne's pincers and textured tentacles, along with a poly d12 matte black die.
The eldritch hero in its multiple winged, many-eyed glory holding a purple metal d20 with tendrils of smoke curling around it.
graphic of gears and cogs and the Artificer Reliquaries logo
the artificer trio of one hero, one throne, and one pedestal each holding a burgundy metal die and seated atop a cavern stone floor
a gif of the artificer hero, the furnace portal, rotating with the camera panning down to capture sculpted detail and translucent areas where the interior LED shines through
Light flaring off a translucent d20 seated atop the artificer hero
atmospheric graphic of Elven Reliquaries logo
the elven seven-die array with one hero, two pedestals, and four thrones seated atop a mahogany display tray with tendrils of fog swirling in the background
a naturally lit detail shot of the intricately sculpted Elven hero, the Mystic Crescent, with a stained glass style die atop it.
Detail of two elven thrones, pictured side-by-side, holding pink glitter dice.
electrifying graphic of Elemental Reliquaries logo
the seven die array of Elemental reliquaries, including one hero, two pedestals, and four thrones seated atop a mahogany display board. A spotlight shines on the Phoenix Arising hero.
The fiery phoenix elemental reliquary seated betweenthe Wyverstone peaks of the Erinthor Mountains
Two water elemental reliquaries holding glittery iridescent d12 dice
fiery graphic of Dwarven Reliquaries logo
The Dwarven seven-die array with one hero, two pedestals, and four thrones seated atop a mahogany wood display board
Detail of the textural ram horns and spined column of the dwarven pedestal
two dwarven thrones, stoic griffons with ancient dwarven markings carved into their chests and wings, protect a golden metal d8 and d6 dice
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