Lion statue in the center of a busy city square consisting of cities streets and alleys and small fieldstone buildings

Cities Core

Our City Core Sets have everything you need to create a small tavern (or a whole village) and bring it to life with intricate details. Start with one or two Core Sets, then expand your city with Expansion PacksSpecial Effects Packs, and Accessory Packs.

An exploded view demonstrating how a city tudor floor, tudor walls, and wall posts fit together.

City Builder System

Our Cities use 3 main building blocks: Walls, Floors, and Corner Posts. Attach Corner Posts to Floors with metal pegs, then slide the wall of your choice in between. Stack Floors to make multi-story buildings, remove the Corner Posts for larger interiors, swap Walls to move doors and add windows.

For more options, add Expansion Packs such as the Stone Advanced Builder Pack or Modular Balconies Pack.

Two Styles

Cities buildings come in two styles: Tudor and Stone. Both offer the same functionality.

Tudor is perfect for taverns, shops, and homes. Add additional character with Specialty Packs like LED Walls, or Accessory Packs such as Tavern Furnishings.

Stone is excellent for merchant houses, fortified buildings ,and cellars. Transform your look by adding Expansions Packs such as the Bridge of Valor or Arrowslit Walls. Our Stone buildings also combine with Crenellations and our Castle line for truly epic creations.

Packed with Features

We pack a lot of features into our Cities pieces, including:

• A 1” grid sculpted into the floorboards and flagstones

• Hinged doors

• Removable trapdoors

• Window inserts to decorate your window walls

For even more character, add Special Effects Packswhich offer extra flair including flickering LED torches, magnetic inn signs, and other accessories.Pair large text with an image to tell a story, explain a detail about your product, or describe a new promotion.

Start your Cities collection with these sets: