Battlefields Worth Fighting Over

Welcome to Dwarven Forge! Since 1996, we’ve devoted ourselves to creating the world’s finest gaming terrain. We sculpt by hand to make every modular piece a work of art. All our sets arrive table-ready and we offer them hand-painted so you can build a battlefield right out of the box.

Initially designed for RPG gaming, we now make our pieces friendly for creating wargame battlefields and scatter-based building. A premium gaming experience begins when you put Dwarven Forge terrain on your table.

The Dwarven Forge Difference

Barbarian soldiers standing atop blue stone Wyverstone rocks and a grass battlemap

Hand-Painted & Table-Ready

Our pieces are pre-assembled and available hand-painted so you can spend your painting time where it really matters: your army. Or get your terrain unpainted, if you’d prefer to personalize your battlefield.

Cast in Dwarvenite®

With Dwarven Forge terrain there’s no fragile foam or messy flocking. We cast everything in Dwarvenite, a dense PVC material that holds sharp detail and is highly durable, so it will withstand falls, transport, and even use by kids.

A grassy battlefield with mountain and Wyverstone scatter, stand-alone trees and the Elven ruins of Cailentyr
gif of a scatter warmap being assembled with tudor ruins, fieldstone ruins, and standalone mountains.

Modular Pieces

We design our terrain for modularity – each set is a toolbox of pieces you can use to build a variety of layouts. Whether it’s a skirmish in a forest, or a massive clash of armies at the city gates, you never have to build the same battlefield twice.

Our Standalone Scatter collection offers our best sets for creating scatter-based wargame battlefields. Combine our pieces with your existing battlemat, or some of our metal Terrain Trays, to create stunning battlefields worth fighting over. Below is a sampling of the wargaming sets we offer.

Fieldstone buildings lie in ruins atop a patched grass terrain tray

Medieval City Sets

Build all manner of Tudor and fieldstone buildings, and personalize them with magnetic accessories. Mix in our City Ruins sets to transform your city into a wartorn battlezone, or swap in damaged pieces during play to create a destructible environment.

We recommend starting with: City Tudor Core, City Fieldstone Core, City Tudor Ruins.

Castle Sets

Nothing has a more impressive silhouette on the battlefield than our Castle sets. Tall towers and walls loom over the battlefield, providing strategic opportunities and dynamic verticality. Buy standalone sets or combine our Construct-A-Castle sets for the ultimate stronghold.

We recommend starting with: Small Watchtower, Postern Gate, In-Line Tower.

Varied free-standing fungi within a cavern setting

Organic Scatter Sets

Take cover, break line of sight, or just add some eye candy to your battlefield with any of our organic scatter sets. Ranging from rock formations, to red-hot magma stalagmites, we offer a variety of smaller scatter pieces to spice up any battle.

We recommend starting with: Mountain Rock Scatter, Lava Stalagmite Pack, Mushroom Pack

Objectives, Treasure & Dressing

Why not mark your objectives and treasure with a fully-sculpted artifact that enhances your battlefield? We have a range of free-standing accessories that can be used as unique objectives, or just add character to your battlefields.

We recommend starting with: Hoarded Treasure, Hellraiser, Wicked City Accessories.

a treasure chest with gold overflowing hidden in the corner of a ruined dungeon. Nearby lies a legendary sword.