Dungeon Core Sets

These sets give you everything you need to build the most diabolical dungeon adventure for your players. Core Sets work great alone or in multiples, and are designed to be supplemented with our Expansion PacksSpecial Effects Packs and Accessory Packs.

Four pieces pictured, a dungeon door, a classic dungeon corner, a classic dungeon straight wall, and vaulted dungeon floor.

Basic Building Blocks

Dungeon Core Sets include the fundamental pieces for any dungeon build: Walls, Floors, Corners, and Doors.  With these four components, you can create most anything. To make building easy, these pieces all have a standard 2x2 footprint.

Want to get more elaborate? Add Expansion Packs to introduce new building possibilities, from curved walls and large floors, to dungeon passages and elevation.

Two Styles

Dungeon Core Sets come in two styles: Classic Dungeon with plain walls, andVaulted Dungeon featuring decorative pillars and arches.  Like all Dwarven Forge pieces, they build together beautifully so you can mix and match to your needs.

A Classic straight wall shown over the Vaulted straight wall, a classic corner wall shown over a vaulted corner wall, and a classic 2 inch Floor shown over a vaulted 2 inch floor.
Six pieces laid over a 1 inch scale grid, illustrating how dungeon floor tiles have a natural-looking 1-inch grid carved into them. Also pictured are anchor magnets at the bottom of the floors tiles, used to anchor the pieces to our metal-backed terrain trays.

Packed with Features

Each Wall, Floor, and Corner includes two main features:

•  A 1” grid sculpted into the floor

•  An embedded anchor magnet to affix to ourTerrain Trays

Our Doors are hinged and removable, and their frames are freestanding so you can place them on any floor. Add even more flair to your dungeon with our Special Effects Packs, with details like flickering LED torches and magnetic traps.

Start your Dungeon collection with these sets: