Build diabolical Dungeon creations for your dnd or other rpg adventure.

No matter what d&d campaign you are building, we've got you covered. Dungeon Core Sets include the fundamental pieces of any great dungeon: walls, floors, corners and doors. Want to get more elaborate? Add dungeon expansion packs to easily connect curved dungeon walls, passages and large floors.

Say hello to the finest dnd gaming dungeons in the world.

We've devoted ourselves to creating the world’s finest dnd gaming terrain. We sculpt each piece by hand to make every tiny detail a work of art. We offer our pieces hand-painted, ready for d&d gaming right out of the box. Our d&d terrain pieces are modular, so the same pieces can build endless adventures. We make dungeons, castles, caverns, cities, sewers, burrows, forests, mountains, and more.

What people are saying...

I have been collecting since their first Kickstarter campaign when I got hooked. The pieces are reminiscent of wooden blocks from childhood. Dwarven Forge designs their product to be modular, most of the pieces you will be building with are two-inch square tiles. The detail and craftsmanship of the tiles is extraordinary. I have been able to make any dungeon design I could dream of with these. There is a real wow factor when these are revealed to players. LED-lit elements, motorized draw-bridges, and false-floor traps incorporated into their line make this stuff jaw-droppingly cool.

The Dungeon Master Gotham

- Adam Wersan, Dungeon Master Gotham

Overall we heartily recommend Dwarven Forge. Not just great products but, from the folks we have met so far, great people as well!

... if you are like us and have been unable to go on holiday due to the current international health crisis perhaps you can reallocate your holiday budget like we did.

Personally, I do not think you will regret Home of the Grumpy Gnome

- GrumpyGnome101, Home of the Grumpy Gnome