Dwarven Quarterly Volume 1 Issue 2

The Official Newsletter of Dwarven Forge Volume 1, Issue 2 - April 2019

The Official Newsletter of Dwarven Forge Volume 1, Issue 2 - April 2019

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Greetings, Friends of the Forge!

Welcome to the second issue of Dwarven Quarterly. We have several exciting announcements to share – we hope you’ll be as enthused as we are about our latest projects. This issue also includes some new features that will become regular offerings in DQ, including the Deadliest Dungeon Designs mini-encounter series and a terrain tips and tricks column to help take your builds to the next level. Let’s delve!
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Descent into Doom
Tales of the fearsome Dungeon of Doom have spread far and wide, drawing bold adventurers from across the realm to test themselves against its legendary challenges. Their heroic efforts are chronicled in a new series of live play videos that includes members of our own team as well as eight of our favorite online broadcasts: Sirens of the Realms, Inkwell Society, Web DM, The Broadswords, Dungeon Dudes, Venture Maidens, Drunks & Dragons, and Rollout! The first episode covers encounters 1-3. In the DF tradition of “theatrical D&D” it’s packed full of costumes, dramatic performances and closeup camera work showcasing our amazing dungeon terrain.
Watch all 8 videos
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Dungeon of Doom UnleashedSysuul Figure Miniature

The massive dungeon that our wonderful backers helped bring to life in our fifth Kickstarter campaign has been unleashed on the world, and the repercussions continue to ripple across all of Mythras!

Download the DoD adventure module A new hyperlinked version of the DoD adventure module is now available on our website as a free download. This version adds extra functionality to the digital module experience, allowing users to easily jump from one section to another to reference monster stats, handouts, and other useful information.

Get yours here!

Restock Available

For those who missed out on the DoD Kickstarter, or those who backed it but feel the need for even more Doom, we have restocked our web store with a wide selection of fabulous sets from the campaign. You can head on underground and explore the many options right here!

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Builder's MasterclassBuilder's Masterclass Image Dwarven Buildmaster Tobi has begun a new series providing some of his best tips and tricks for assembling awesome terrain layouts. The first highlights some clever and innovative ways to use LED floors. This ongoing series will be available as an additional feature on our website. You can check out the first Builder’s Masterclass here.
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The Urge to Dirge: Deadliest Dungeon Designs During our Caverns Deep Kickstarter campaign, Zaltar and Doom gave you a glimpse into their devious creative process when designing lethal dungeons with the Deadliest Dungeon Designs video series. Now Doom the Imp continues the D3 series in these pages. Click here to BEHOLD this encounter!
Collaboration with Rollout We are excited to announce our collaboration with the producers of Rollout, a series on the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) internet channel “Up, Up, Down, Down.” Season two of Rollout, in which WWE wrestlers undertake a lively D&D campaign, will feature a host of exciting terrain builds created in the Dwarven Forge workshop, including some unique and memorable designs. It was such a successful partnership that you can expect to see more DF terrain in season 3! Our first big build appears in Episode 3. The whole series is available here!
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Stefan Live at Gary Con VIII If you’re hankering for still more live play adventure, check out DF founder Stefan Pokorny’s session at GaryCon 2019. The game features RPG industry stars Luke Gygax, Satine Phoenix, and others, as well as yet another memorable terrain creation – a cloud giant’s castle. Video from the game is available here!
Rconfigured Castles Coming soon: an exciting edition to our Castle Builder line-up. We have created several new pre-configured sets consisting of essential castle segments which can be combined with each other in countless ways for ease of building right out of the box. The new sets, which should be available this May, are also compatible with all our existing castle products, allowing you to easily add towers, barbicans, and more to any castle you already own! The new sets are broken down into three categories: wall segments, corner segments, and stand-alone. Each type of segment is interchangeable and has the same length, so you can easily swap in different walls or corners to build an endless array of castles--whatever you dream of! Gray Divider

Wall Segments:

  • Basic Walls
  • Long Walls
  • In-Line Tower
  • Postern Gate
  • Artillery Post
  • Barbican Gatehouse

Corner Segments:

  • Corner Walls
  • Corner Tower Small
  • Corner Tower Large
  • Corner Tower Square


  • Necromancer’s Keep
On the Anvil Logo The dwarven artisanry never ceases. Some of our hottest new projects, still being hammered out in the workshops, include:
  • An exciting collaboration with the good folks at Pathfinder RPG that will be revealed this summer at Gen Con, to coincide with the release of Pathfinder 2nd Edition.
  • New reconfigured city sets in the vein of our latest castle sets to add even more versatility to your collection. These should be available by the year’s end.
  • And, of course, preparation continues for our next grand Kickstarter campaign. KS7: the Wildlands promises to be our greatest adventure yet!
LavaCool lava
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(This is the first installment of a new advice column from the dwarves’ infernal associate, Ozraeline the she-devil. During centuries trapped in the Dungeon of Doom, Ozraeline had plenty of time to contemplate the foibles of lesser beings, and she now offers her unique perspective to anyone in need of supernatural guidance. Follow her advice at your own discretion. – the Editor)

Dear Ozraeline,

My ex has moved on to a more attractive partner, I frequently run into the two of them at social events. How should I navigate this awkward new arrangement?

- Spurned

silver line Dear Spurned, Ooh, that can be tricky. Might I suggest hanging out in darker dungeons? Sometimes you just need to find the right lighting for you and the worst lighting for your ex’s partner. If the shadows are deep enough, even if you do run into them, at least the lighting levels will be in your favor. And they’ll never know where that random magic missile came from. If I must encounter a rival somewhere the light doesn’t suit me, one trick I recommend is to cast a minor illusion. A face that only a mother could love might be just what drives your ex away from this person. Or even better, a face that is a spitting image of your ex’s mother. That could split them apart for good... or if it does bring them closer together, at least you’ll know you’re better off single. Oh, and if all else fails, just use liberal amounts of a reliably lethal poison. I recommend distilled wyvern venom.

- Ozraeline

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Editor – Elye Alexander Ozraeline's Oddvice – Mace Griffin Builds – Tobi Lieberson Urge to Dirge – Nate Taylor Creative Director – Nate Taylor Design – Michelle “Tom” Chin Ozraeline Illustration – Felipe Torrent Comic Strip – Erin “Hamster” Miller