Module - Wildlands

Wildlands Module

The harsh wilderness stretches ever ahead - can you survive the deadly plants, feral beasts, and inhospitable terrain? Or will you be swallowed by the land, forgotten like so many other adventurers before you…

Wildlands Module spread

Wildlands Encounters are a series of adventures set in the challenging wilderness of the Wildlands and designed to be used with the Fifth Edition rules of the world’s most popular role playing game.

Explore the dangers of the Dreadhollow Forest, scale the heights of the Erinthor Mountains, and venture into the dark depths of the Bleakmyre Swamp in a series of encounters which can each be run as a one-shot, or strung together into a short campaign arc. Each Wildlands biome has two completely different story arcs, each designed by a different creator, giving you six different narratives containing a total of 30 different encounters.

The Wildlands Encounters were each designed around the main pledges of our Wildlands Kickstarter Campaign, with the stories driven by the pieces available to each pledge. However, using a little creativity, each encounter can be played using any sized collection of terrain, or even as theater of the mind. Each adventure covers five pledges in this order:

  • Starter Sets - Forest, Mountain, Swamp
  • Wargame Scatter - Forest, Mountain, Swamp
  • “Explore” Pledges - Explore the Forest/Mountain/Swamp
  • “Heart of” add-ons - Heart of the Forest/Mountain/Swamp
  • Mega Builds - Titanstooth Glade; Wyverstone Peak; Sorrow Isle

We have also included Stat Blocks for a Wildlands Bestiary for these adventures as well for encounters of your own design.

For you wargamers out there, we’ve been lucky to work with Joseph A. McCullough to develop scalable wargame scenarios for whichever system you play in. From skirmish-sized to army, create an easily placed and striking battleground when you pair it with the freestanding scatter and land options from Wildlands.

We are happy to offer these adventures and scenarios as a free PDF download, as a result of reaching $4 million during the Kickstarter! Thanks for your support and we hope you have fun running these games.

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