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All the sets in this collection are perfect for building Wargame battlefields of any size, or a variety of outdoor RPG encounters.

These sets are designed to be built as scatter on top of sculpted terrain, our terrain trays or any battle mats you already own - for faster (and more economical) set-up. And, of course, our pieces are modular so you can create new configurations each time.

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Unpainted Set
Hellgate Pack (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
Hellraiser (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
City Tudor Ruins (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
Working Mangonel (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
Hoarded Treasure (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
Mushroom Pack (Unpainted)
Unpainted Set
Cages (Unpainted)
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