Artillery Post - Painted

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A wall segment with an extended platform in the center - the perfect staging point for your siege engine or archmage to rain death upon attackers. The back side features some advanced City Builder pieces and a wall socket with LED Lantern. In addition to the pieces below, this set also includes an ancillary pack of 4X rampart crenellations and battlement transition pieces (1X right, 1X left) -- included at no additional charge -- because there was a color mismatch in the original set.

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SKU Piece Name QTY
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows w/ Supplies 1
4-BA-002 Wood Shutter 1
4-CR-006 Rampart Crenellation 4
4-CR-010 Battlement Transition - Right 1
4-CR-011 Battlements Transition - Left 1
4-DR-001 Castle Door 1
4-DR-004 Reinforced Lattice Trapdoor 1
4-FL-010 2x4 CBS - Stone Floor 2
4-LD-001 LED Lantern 1
4-PA-007 Arbalest 1
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 1
4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 1
4-WI-005 CBS - Short Solid Wall 3
4-WI-006 CBS - Short Door Wall 1
4-WI-008 CBS - Arch Wall 1
4-WP-001 Wall Platform 2
4-WS-001 Solid Wall 2
4-WS-015 Insert Slot Wall 1
4-WS-017 Long Arrowslit Wall & Spacer 1
AC-040 CBS - Gargoyle Corner Post 2
CC-001 Crenellated Corner (KS3) 1
CC-003 Crenellated Corner w/trapdoor (KS3) 1
PT-002 Stone Post 4
WL-004 Wall, Stone, Solid 1
WL-016 CBS - LED Socket Wall 1
Artillery Post - Painted
Artillery Post - Painted
Artillery Post - Painted
Artillery Post - Painted