Merck - Inaugural Game Table Build

This week's fan build is from Tim S. (Merck on the internet), titled "Inaugural Game Table Build".

Once he got his modular gaming table, he had to test it out with all the Dwarvenite he could muster!

Here is what he says about the build:

"To celebrate my new game table, I wanted to try implementing as much of my collection as possible with ice caves on the upper “game deck” level and stairs down to a dungeon in the table vault below. The initial dungeon offers three options. The first is to figure out the puzzles to unlock the large double doors to the bridge over the lava river. Or to go left or right and encounter either grasping hands reaching through the broken walls or a break in a wall to a lava filled cavern. Either way, it opens up to the large battle field with multiple bridges, elevation, and lava river hazards. All of those are things enemy archers, spell casters, and flying monsters can take full advantage of – or the players if they are clever! Finally, they reach the final chamber, stairs leading to a massive portal the empowers a lich. A light panel with a translucent green filter and Styx river filter under light the stairs with an eerie green glow. If the party is victorious, they can attempt to close the portal or perhaps jump through and face whatever dangers await on the other side!"

Fan Build Merck 1

Fan Build Merck 2

Fan Build Merck 3

Fan Build Merck 4

Fan Build Merck 5

Fan Build Merck 6

Fan Build Merck 7

Fan Build Merck 8

Fan Build Merck 9

Fan Build Merck 91

Fan Build Merck 92

Fan Build Merck 93

Fan Build Merck 94

Fan Build Merck 95

For this build he used:

• Encounter 03: Lever Chamber
• Encounter 08: Puzzle Floor Room
• Epic Stairs (2x)
• Dungeon Bride
• Dungeon Ruins
• The Antechamber
• Elevation Pack
• Double Doors
• Curved Cages Pack
• Straight Daises

• Stairway to Violence
• Natural Bridge
• Caverns Core, Ice
• Trifecta, Ice
• Ice Terrain Tray
• Ice Walls Pack

• Hellraiser
• The Volcano
• Lava Cave Entrance/Transition
• Spouted Floor/Lava
• Lava Floors
• Magma River Features
• Large Stone Banks/Lava
• Devilish Details
• Lava River Terrain Tray (2x)
• Dreadportal
• DF Light Panel Single Pack
• River Styx Phantasmal Filter
• Magma Flow Phantasmal Filter Wilderness
• Erinthor Mountain (only used about 1/4th) Cities
• Stone Starter Set