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Gift Card

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Dwarven Forge e-Gift Cards can be applied toward any product on  

When you purchase an e-Gift Card, you'll receive 2 separate e-mails.  (There is no physical card that accompanies your purchase.)

The most important one (#2 below) contains the code your recipient will need to use the e-Gift Card.

  1. The first is an order confirmation.
  2. The second is an e-mail with a link to your unique gift card code.  This message is entitled: "Your Dwarven Forge gift card is ready!"   Click to see your code -- and use it during checkout on our website. There is an option to print this page when the code is viewed.  You may also forward this e-mail to your recipient to use it at their discretion.

To supplement your e-card, we also have printable Dwarven Forge cards!

Dwarven Forge e-gift cards are only valid on  They don't expire.  If the full value of the card is not used in a single purchase, the balance will carry over until it is exhausted. 

If your gift recipient is a backer in a Dwarven Forge Kickstarter campaign with an unlocked Pledge Manager, we can (by email request) apply a Dwarven Forge gift card to their Pledge Manager account.  Gift cards cannot be used on Kickstarter itself.

Please contact if you or your recipient has any questions or issues with your card.