Mize - Lizardfolk Fighting Pit

The monthly build challenges on the DF discord are usually competitive, but this one was straight-up gladitorial!

Here is what they say about the build:
"This build was for the monthly Build challenge on the Discord server. The theme was The Pits of Augustus. "In the name of generic gladiatorial references, design a fighting arena in any style you want. From a dingy back-alley fighting pit to a grand colosseum. Show us where your warriors become legends."

I wanted the fighting pit for this build to be a ceremonial sacrifice for lizardfolk prisoners. Maybe the lizardfolk won a battle against the PCs, but instead of a TPK the PCs get another chance at the fight. All the PCs wake up and are prodded into the pit to fight one another for the amusement and ceremony of the lizardfolk. Who eat the dead. And the winner. The PCs get one more shot at escape or combat to get out of it. Alternatively this could be a rescue scene where the PCs are trying to intervene and save the PCs/NPCs in the pit.

For the build itself I wanted ruins, elevation and plants. The ruined walls, crenellations and ledges give the idea of the lizadfolk inhabiting some lost and sinking castle in the swamp. I love using the ruined tower pieces in builds to suggest long crumbled towers and thought they would work great as the fighting pit itself. I bought the ruined castle bits without any other castles just to sprinkle into wilderness builds. Super underrated set! To bring more life to the ruins idea I wanted some wooden components that the lizardfolk had built or scavenged. The dock piece worked as a lean-to and the suspension bridge pieces make great palisades/fences."

Mize - Lizardfolk

Mize - Lizardfolk

Mize - Lizardfolk

Mize - Lizardfolk

For this build they used:

 The lean-to and ramp are from the Dock Pack

The palisades are from the Suspension Bridge Pack
Stumps from the Forest Scatter Terrain pack
An escarpment, escarpment convex corner and escarpment concave corner from an Escarpment pack
3 Dungeon Elevation Blocks

8 Dungeon Elevation Pillars

4 Elevation Arches

1 Epic Stairs - Right

1 4x8 Lava/Stone Terrain Tray

1 12x12 Water/Cave Water Terrain Tray

Small Rubble Pile and Ruined Walls from the Ruined Large Tower pack

2 Large Rubble Piles from the Ruined Wall pack that filled in some holes nicely
Bramble patches and walls from the Bramble pack
A bunch of DoD ledges and some Small Floors

Crenellations from the Tower Battlement pack
Lizardfolk Clan
 and Town Guard minis