Oger - Grave of the Snake God

This week's fan build is from Oger, titled "Grave of the Snake God." You can find more of their work at dungeonbattles.de!

We used a simpler, 12x12 version of this build for an epic basketball showdown against Sysuul in our ForgeCon Anniversary Game on Twitch!

Here is what they say about the build:

"After the big success with my build at ForgeCon on a single terrain tray, I wanted to expand on that build. At ForgeCon I wanted some elevation, Jade Temple and the boulder ramps from Dungeon of Doom. After the original build turned into a basketball game, I had this build also as an Allstar game challenge for two contenders to run up to Sysuul and score there. As the new Hellscape parts always shine in a build I added a little lava river. This build is all in a 24x24 inch box. (4 Terrain Trays)."

For this build:

"I used Encounter 15 from Dungeon of Doom (Jade Edition), some marble stays, 2 raiser boxes, half the Dungeon of Doom bridge, Lava River and Banks from Hellscape, and an assortment of bread and butter Dungeon of Doom tiles."