RabbitBurner - Pox Cavern

This week's fan build is from RabbitBurner, titled "Pox Cavern."

While they're our resident castle expert, they recently got their first cavern sets and made their first build!

Here is what they say about the build:

"The sets were our first caverns sets and we had unpacked them to check we had everything thing listed then left them with our Death Guard minis that had been used the previous weekend in the first face to face gaming of the year with several friends.

"Several hours later we came back to discover the Death Guard had set up a Poxwalker manufacturing lab in the caverns!

"That is exactly how it happened ..... Honest!

"Or you could say it was an unboxing build where we had our Death Guard minis handy from the weekends games and realized with the cages we could come up with something fun and dug out our Plaguestone Sinister Workshop and themed Galladoria accessories to create a Poxwalker laboratory."

We know which one we would pick ;)

Pox Cavern - Fan Build

Pox Cavern - Fan Build

 Pox Cavern - Fan Build

 Pox Cavern - Fan Build

This build was made with:

2x Caverns Core Mega Pack

1x Advanced Caverns Core Set
1x Plaguestone - Curved Cages Pack
1x Two-Headed Alligator
1x Cavern Floors Pack
1x Plaguestone - Sinister Workshop Pack
Galladoria Alchemy Toxic Slime
GW Death Guard and Poxwalkers