William - Wildlands In Space


This build was submitted by DF fan William, who worked with his sons George and Leo to design and build this overgrown sci-fi outpost!

“I wanted to show how well even classic DF resin pieces, like sci-fi, work with the very newest sets, like Wildlands,” explains William. “And my sons absolutely love building anything with the DF plant monsters in them. So settling on an overgrown sci-fi theme was easy.”


The build really came together when William realized he could also incorporate the mushroom pieces from Caverns to help everything feel overgrown, without becoming too cluttered to be unplayable. “Plus, the giant mushroom makes a great focal point for any one-shot adventure.” He adds.

There are some fun small details in the build, as well. “I’m big fan of how the elevated section came out, as well how the infected mushroom monster is repurposed as a space alien monstrosity.”

For this build they used:

- 3x Resin Sci-Fi Starter Sets
- 1x Resin Sci-Fi Alpha Set
- 1x Titanstooth Glade
- Plus a handful of dressing pieces from other sets (such as the Vile Mushroom Pack)