Encounter 11: Doomroller's Labyrinth - Unpainted, NO ANCHOR MAGNETS

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You watch with horror as the massive boulder abruptly changes direction in mid-roll. The boulder is alive...and hunting its prey - you!

AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 30
AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 3
DR-513 Plinth Arch (Magnetic) 1
K1-504 Classic Dungeon 1x1 Corner 4
PS-501 Passage Wall 10
PS-503 Passage Short Wall 10
PS-504 Passage Inside Corner Wall 26
PS-505 Passage Outside Corner Wall 14
TR-504 Magnetic Wall Spears 2
TR-507 Magnetic Trap Stand 4
TR-508 Doomroller 1
TR-509 Boulder Ramp with Trigger 1
TR-511 False Floor Lid 2
TR-513 Floor Trap - Open Hole 2
TR-514 Magnetic Wall Glyph 1
Encounter Area 11: Doomroller&