Encounter 06: Acid Bath - Painted

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A bubbling floor of caustic acid hisses as it erodes the dense stone walls, releasing clouds of noxious steam. Watch your step!

AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 2
AV-518 1x2 Dungeon Floor 6
AV-519 1x1 Dungeon Floor 4
AV-522 LED Socket Floor 2
AV-527 1x4 Dungeon Floor 6
ET-514J LED Serpent Brazier - Jade 2
EV-512 Dungeon Elevation Block 2
EV-513 Dungeon Ramp 2
EV-514 Dungeon Elevation Pillar 2
EV-516 Elevation Arch 4
EV-519 Dais 2x1 Platform 2
EV-522 Stair Jack 4
MI-045 Two-headed Crocodile 1
PS-501 Passage Wall 15
PS-502 Passage Wall (Magnetic) 2
PS-503 Passage Short Wall 4
PS-504 Passage Inside Corner Wall 2
PS-505 Passage Outside Corner Wall 4
TR-502 Magnetic Swinging Blade Trap 2
TT-503 12x12 Stone/Acid Mat 1
Encounter Area 6: Acid Bath - Painted