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Dwarven Forge e-Gift Cards can be applied toward any product on  

When you purchase an e-Gift Card, you'll receive 2 separate e-mails.

The most important one (#2 below) contains the code your recipient will need to use the e-Gift Card.

  1. The first is an order confirmation.
  2. The second is an e-mail with a link to a web page that displays your unique gift card code.  This message is entitled: "Your Dwarven Forge gift card is ready!"   Click to see your code -- and use this code during checkout on our website. There is an option to print this page when the code is viewed.  You may also forward this e-mail to your recipient, who can click the link to see the web page with the code to use in our store checkout.

To supplement your e-card, we also have printable Dwarven Forge gift cards!

Dwarven Forge e-gift cards are only valid on  They don't expire.  If the full value of the card is not used in a single purchase, the balance will carry over until it is exhausted.

Please contact if you or your recipient has any questions or issues with your card.

Gift Card
Gift Card