Citadel / Grand Citadel Battlement Mega Pack (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


A huge set of mighty battlements to fortify your Citadel or Grand Citadel against any assault. Also includes pieces to add two extra stories to your gatehouse. Note: Works with a Citadel, or a Grand Citadel with or without the towers removed. Also works with Royal Stronghold (though there will be extra pieces left over). If you plan to add Double Thick Walls to any of these sets, you may also want crenellations for the inner side of the wall tops.

This set contains 70 pieces:

4-MB-001 Straight Battlement 28
4-SE-011 Greek Fire Projector 2
4-CR-010 Battlement Transition - Right 3
4-CR-011 Battlements Transition - Left 3
4-MB-004 Corner Battlement 7
4-MB-005 Corner Battlement w Trapdoor 1
4-DR-004 Reinforced Lattice Trapdoor 1
WL-004 CBS - Stone Solid Wall 4
WL-009 CBS - Arrowslit Wall 2
4-WI-003 CBS - Extreme Offset Door Wall Left 1
4-WI-002 CBS - Extreme Offset Door Wall Right 1
4-DR-001 Castle Door 2
4-GH-007 4x4 CBS Murderhole Floor 1
FL-006 Stone Trapdoor Floor 4x4 1
AC-011 Wood Trapdoor 1
AC-007 CBS -Ladder 1
4-BA-004 Iron Scaled Shutter 4
4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 1
PT-002 CBS - Stone Post 6
Citadel / Grand Citadel Battlement Mega Pack (Unpainted)
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