Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted

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Note: Although the painting has not changed in this set, the look of the painted stone pieces has changed slightly due to the new casting color.  Photo #2 in the product gallery shows a comparison of the old and new stone painting. 


Please note: City Builder lettered boxes are modular; this set does not contain a Box E.

This set contains 104 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
FL-001 Wood Floor 4 x 4 3
FL-002 Stone Floor 4 x 4 3
FL-003 Wood Stairwell Floor 4x4 1
FL-004 Stone Stairwell Floor 4x4 1
FL-005 Wood Trapdoor Floor 4x4 1
FL-006 Stone Trapdoor Floor 4x4 1
PT-001 Tudor Post 16
PT-002 Stone Post 16
WL-003 Tudor Door Wall + City Door 1
WL-001 Tudor Solid Wall 5
WL-002 Tudor Center Window Wall 6
WL-007 Tudor Magnetic Wall 1
WL-006 Stone Door Wall + City Door 1
WL-004 Stone Solid Wall 5
WL-005 Stone Center Window Wall 6
WL-008 Stone Magnetic Wall 1
RF-001 Terracotta Roof 4 x 4 1
AC-008 Interior Railing 2
WL-009 Arrowslit Wall 2
PT-003 Tudor Double Post 2
PT-004 Tudor Half Height Corner Post 2
PT-005 Stone Double Post 2
RF-002 Slate Roof 4 x 4 1
AC-001 Steep Stairs 2
AC-002 Fluted Chimney 1
AC-003 Stout Chimney 1
AC-004 Assassin's Perch 2
AC-005 Balcony 2
AC-006 Closed Shutters Window Insert 2
AC-007 Ladder 2
AC-009 Iron Bars Window Insert 2
AC-010 Curtains Window Insert 2
AC-020 Open Shutters Window Insert 2
AC-027 Magnetic Blank Hanging Sign 2
LI-001 LED Lighted Stand for Mini 2
MI-040 Giant Rat Mini 1
MI-041 Garn Mini 1


Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted
Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted
Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted
Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted
Hamlet: City Mega Set - Painted