Stone Starter Set - Painted

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This set contains 36 pieces:

SKU Description Qty
WL-004 Solid Stone Wall 3
WL-006 Stone Doorway with City Wall 2
WL-005 Stone Center Window Wall 3
WL-013 Stone Offset Window Wall 3
WL-008 Stone Magnetic Wall 1
PT-002  Stone Corner Post 12
FL-002 Solid Stone Floor 1
FL-004 Stone Floor with Stairwell 1
FL-006 Stone floor with Trapdoor 1
AC-001 Steep Stairs 1
AC-007 Ladder 1
AC-027 Hanging Sign 1
AC-006 Closed Shutters 2
AC-020 Open Shutters 4
Stone Starter Set - Painted
Stone Starter Set - Painted
Stone Starter Set - Painted