Watchtower Set (Painted)

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A self-contained large (6" diameter), four story defensive tower.

Ready for play as is, or customize with dozens of available add-on packs including: Towers, Tower Roofs; Accessories; and Theme packs. This set can be added to square fortress walls using the Tower Transition Pack and Corner Cutout Walls.

Note: We offer two tower sizes, small (4" diameter) and large (6" diameter). This set builds a 6" diameter tower. Please note that minor changes were made to the parts list after the Kickstarter to improve the composition.

This set contains 74 pieces show below. 

4-T6-007 6in Tower Half - Solid 2
4-MB-009 Large Curved Battlement 4
4-T6-002 6in Tower Arrowslit Wall 2
4-T6-008 6in Tower Half - Arrowslit 3
4-T6-009 6in Tower LED Socket Solid Wall 2
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 4
4-T6-001 6in Tower Solid Wall 1
4-F4-004 Tower Floor w/ Trapdoor 1
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 1
4-T6-003 6in Tower Doorway Wall 1
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 1
4-ST-002 Stone Stairs 1
4-F6-004 Floor Extension 13
LI-002 LED Torch 2
4-ST-007 Tower Stairs - Right 3
4-RP-004 6in Tower Roof Platform 1
4-PA-004 Flag A - Waving 1
4-ST-008 Tower Stairs - Left 1
4-ST-010 Curved Elevation Half Block 2
4-AC-001 Barrel of Arrows 1
4-ST-003 Short Stairs 1
4-WA-004 Hanging Flat Banner 2
4-WA-009 Arrowslit Cover - Armored 2
4-PA-003 Battlement Blade 2
4-SE-002 Grappling Hook 1
4-SE-001 Scaling Ladder & Mini Holder 1
4-DEC-001 Heraldic Decal Sheet for Flags & Crests 1
4-PA-007 Arbalest 1
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 2
4-PA-008 Griffin Statue 1
4-WA-012 Projecting Banner - Flat 2
4-PA-001 Head on Pike 1
4-PA-009 Flag C - Rectangle 1
4-BA-004 Iron Scaled Shutter 2
4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 1
4-LD-016 LED Chromatic Orb 1
4-LD-005 LED Circular Socket 1
4-BA-002 Wood Shutter 2
Watchtower Set (Painted)
Watchtower Set (Painted)
Watchtower Set (Painted)
Watchtower Set (Painted)
Watchtower Set (Painted)
Watchtower Set (Painted)
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