Wizard's Outpost Set (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


A small stand-alone tower for a mage or mystic hermit. Can also be placed on top of a larger tower or other structure. Fully preconfigured, but can be further customized with add-on packs. Also makes a great gift or desk ornament! Note: There are two sizes of Castle System towers, small (4" diameter) and large (6" diameter). This set builds a 4" diameter tower.

This set contains 21 pieces:

4-ST-003 Short Stairs 1
4-T4-006 4in Tower Half - Solid 2
4-ST-006 Spiral Stairs 1
4-T4-003 4in Tower Doorway Wall 1
4-DR-002 Latticed Door 1
4-T4-001 4in Tower Solid Wall 1
4-T4-004 4in Tower Window Wall 2
4-F4-001 Tower Floor 1
4-T4-002 4in Tower Arrowslit Wall 2
4-F4-002 Tower Half Floor 1
4-PA-004 Flag A - Waving 1
4-RF-001 Round Roof 1
4-PA-013 Wizard's Warding Vane 1
4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 1
4-PA-006 Telescope 1
4-DR-005 Small Lattice Trapdoor 1
4-RF-007 Cone Point 1
4-RF-006 Crow's Nest 1
Wizard's Outpost Set (Unpainted)
Wizard's Outpost Set (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®