Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)

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Journey into the darkness with Underdoom! If these purplish caves aren’t mysterious enough, our Underdoom paint is also UV reactive, casting an unearthly glow in blacklight (not lit with LEDs)!

This set focuses on basic building pieces with lots of visual variety. It contains four styles of straight walls, three different floors, and four different corners (one of which is also a diagonal wall). It also includes a 2" cave archway, three different stalagmites, and a hole floor with removable lid for a pit trap, a sinkhole, or a tunnel downward. Lastly, you'll get two graphic texture patches - Necrotic Sludge and Acid. Slide them under your Hole Floor to make it more dangerous.

Anchor magnets are embedded on the underside of most pieces so they "stick" to our Terrain Trays (sold separately).

Made from Dwarvenite®, our proprietary casting material.

5-AB-dk Yellow Fungus Cavern Corner - Underdoom 2
5-AC-dk Gull Wing Cavern Corner - Underdoom 2
5-AR-dk 2in. Archway - Underdoom 1
5-B-dk Plain Cavern Wall - Underdoom 3
5-BB-dk Straight Cavern Pools Wall - Underdoom 2
5-BC-dk Copper Vein Cavern Wall - Underdoom 2
5-CC-dk 2x2 Stepped Floor - Underdoom 2
CV-601-dk Straight Cavern Puddle Wall - Underdoom 2
CV-603-dk Diagonal Cavern Wall - Underdoom 2
CV-606-dk Cascading Pool Cavern Corner - Underdoom 2
CV-609-dk 2x2 Cavern Floor - Underdoom 5
CV-612-dk 2x2 Stagnant Puddle Floor - Underdoom 2
FE-606-dk Corner Fill Stalagmite - Underdoom 2
FE-607-dk Rising Stalagmite - Underdoom 1
FE-624-dk Pointy Stalagmite - Underdoom 1
TR-610-dk Hole Floor - Underdoom 1
TR-611-dk Hole Floor Lid - Underdoom 1
TT-616 2x2 Texture - Necrotic Sludge 1
TT-W04 2x2 Texture - Acid 1
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
Caverns Core Underdoom (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®