Lava Trifecta Terrain Pack (Painted)

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This pack collects our most economical building pieces from Caverns Deep - the Trifecta Terrain set. These pieces give enormous value since they provide three ways to build:

- Freestanding walls for use on Terrain Trays, Phantasmal Filters, or on top of flat terrain
- Double-sided ledge pieces for negative space builds or single floor elevation rises
- Combine a ledge and a wall together to make a standard building piece.

These pieces are particularly useful when used with Terrain Trays or Phantasmal Filters since they work very will with negative space.

Hellscape sets are cast in translucent Dwarvenite. You can light them from below with DF Light Panels (sold separately).

Lava Trifecta Terrain Pack (Painted)
Lava Trifecta Terrain Pack (Painted)
Lava Trifecta Terrain Pack (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®