Rowboat Pack (Painted)

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A fully modular rowboat with a handful of accessories. Connect more or less of the middle segments to change the length to match your party size. Includes Rowboat Oars, Rowboard Tiller, and a Wooden Dragon Pole Accessory.

MODULARITY - You can reconfigure this boat in any number of ways:
  • Take out the middle sections to create the perfect peasant's rowboat.
  • Add additional middle sections and the included dragon's head on the bow, and you have a viking longboat ready to raid and pillage.
  • Disconnect the pieces and create the wreckage of some poor adventuring party dashed upon the rocks of a mysterious island.
  • Break the boat sections apart in the middle of an encounter if it takes battle damage.
  • If you have multiple boats, you can connect two prows together or two sterns together to create even more variations.
Rowboat Pack (Painted)
Rowboat Pack (Painted)
Rowboat Pack (Painted)
Rowboat Pack (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®