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Classic Resin Sets

We are grateful to all our backers for your patience!  We’re pleased to report that we are almost done with Caverns Deep production.  As of early October, Encounters 13 (Crystal Cavern) and 14 (Underdoom) are being packed, and Encounter 15 (Dreadhollow) and a small handful of add-on packs will be completed this month.  We have [...]

Our Hellscape Pledge Manager has closed – stay tuned for updates. If you need help with your Hellscape order, please contact us at customer support.  In the meantime, there is plenty of information below! Check out our Google Galleries for detailed set graphics! Pledge Level Graphics Encounter Sets Add-on Sets

Our Building Guides are now ready for Caverns Deep, Encounters 1, 3 and 5! Encounter 1: The Summoning Chamber (for print) (15MB)   Encounter 1: The Summoning Chamber (for web) (2MB)     Encounter 3: Bestial Cliff (for print) (15MB)   Encounter 3: Bestial Cliff (for web) (2MB)     Encounter 5: Cave of Ruin [...]

Our Plaguestone Pre-Sale has ended.  We recently launched  Plaguestone, a collection of new sets tied to the launch of Pathfinder Second Edition and officially licensed by Paizo. The Plaguestone line is designed to work with the inaugural 2nd Edition module “The Fall of Plaguestone”, as well as a stand-alone collection. These new sets create a [...]

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