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We’re pleased to present a series of actual play sessions from our favorite content creators as they brave the myriad dangers of the Dungeon of Doom!

New videos will be released all week with an incredible line-up of gamers including: Sirens of the Realms, Inkwell Society, Web DM, The Broadswords, Venture Maidens, Drunks and Dragons Podcast, Dungeon Dudes, and Up Up Down Down’s Rollout!

Watch the action, then download the free module and see if your party can overcome this dungeon deathtrap.

Venture Maidens

Venture Maidens 4 & 7
Dungeon Dudes

Dungeon Dudes – 5 & 6

Rollout – 8 & 9
The Broadswords

The Broadswords – 10 & 12
COMING March 26th
Web DM

Web DM – 11
COMING March 23rd
Inkwell Society

Inkwell Society – 13
Date TBD
Drunks & Dragons

Drunks & Dragons – 14
COMING March 30th
Sirens of the Realms

Sirens of the Realms – 15

Can you navigate a massive, labyrinthine deathtrap in time to stop a bloodthirsty demigod from gaining unstoppable power? The Dungeon of Doom is a full-length adventure designed for both Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition and Pathfinder rules. The dungeon is a massive, deadly sprawl that consists of 15 interconnected Encounters – each of which is part of our Dungeon of Doom product line. Best of all, the module is available as a free download below!

The Dungeon of Doom is designed to be a difficult but conquerable challenge that will test the mettle of any who face it. Utilizing full-color player handouts, dramatic NPCs, cinematic scenes, and of course our premium terrain, this module creates a highly immersive and theatrical experience for all involved. We hope this adventure provides you plenty of fun, excitement, and memorable moments at the game table.

Ebook with hyperlinks (web version) (57MB)
Hi-Res File with Build Guides (printing version) (928MB – long download time)

Dwarven Forge Conference Appearances
Pax East
The Dwarven Forge Team
Boston Convention & Exhibition Center
415 Summer St, Boston, MA 02210
Dwarven Forge – Booth #10133
Stop by our booth to play D&D and win prizes!

Facebook link
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
San Francisco, CA
5/23/2019, 2-8pm
5/24/2019, 2-8pm

North Texas RPG Con
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
Irving, TX

D&D in a Castle
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
Maze Arcana at Langley Castle, UK

Gen Con
The Dwarven Forge Team
Indianapolis, IN

Burning Man
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
Black Rock, NV

Hawaii Con
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
Kona, HI

Lucca Games & Comics
Solo appearance by DF Founder Stefan Pokorny
Lucca, Italy

Our Building Guides are now ready for all Encounters! Click on a link below. Updated 2/28/2019.

Building Guides for Dungeon of Doom Encounter Areas 1-15 (for print) (153MB)
Building Guides for Dungeon of Doom Encounter Areas 1-15 (web version) (10MB)

DoD Builder Guides Encounter Areas 1-15

Most of the incoming Castle restock items have arrived and are in our store.Please note that some sets (mostly the all-new configurations) are not yet available. We apologize but those sets will not be ready before the holiday. We are sorting through some issues with them, and we’ll post an update about their status on our website/social media as soon as we can.

Please click here for a restock list.