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Fan Faire
NYC Art & Design High School
Gauntlet, 16 players
2/16/2019, 12-6pm

Marlborough, MA
Film – The Dwarvenaut
2/21/2019, 9pm

Gary Con
Lake Geneva, WI

Pax East
Boston, MA

Kubla Con
San Francisco, CA
5/23/2019, 2-8pm
5/24/2019, 2-8pm

North Texas RPG Con
Irving, TX

D&D in a Castle
Maze Arcana at Langley Castle, UK

Gen Con
Indianapolis, IN

Burning Man
Black Rock, NV

Hawaii Con
Kona, HI

Lucca Games & Comics
Lucca, Italy

The Dungeon of Doom is our first full-length adventure using the Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition rules (or it can be converted to the Pathfinder system as detailed in Appendix E). The dungeon is a massive, deadly sprawl that consists of 15 interconnected Encounters – each of which is part of our Dungeon of Doom product line. They can be run together as a campaign, or dropped in as exciting additions to an existing dungeon or adventure.

The Dungeon of Doom is designed to be a difficult but conquerable challenge that will test the mettle of any who face it. Utilizing full-color player handouts, dramatic NPCs, cinematic scenes, and of course Dwarven Forge® terrain, this module is meant to create a highly immersive and theatrical experience for all involved. We hope this adventure provides you plenty of fun, excitement, and memorable moments at the game table.

A high-speed Internet connection is recommended.

Comments or feedback? Please email customersupport@dwarvenforge.com.

Single Pages Low Resolution (107MB)
Single Pages High Resolution (154MB)
Double Pages Low Resolution (130MB)
Double Pages High Resolution (162MB)

Most of the incoming Castle restock items have arrived and are in our store.Please note that some sets (mostly the all-new configurations) are not yet available. We apologize but those sets will not be ready before the holiday. We are sorting through some issues with them, and we’ll post an update about their status on our website/social media as soon as we can.

Please click here for a restock list.

Our Dwarven workers have been toiling away to deliver Dwarvenite packages of holiday cheer. If you are hoping for a Christmas adventure, get your orders in by the 14th of December! You wouldn’t want to be late for the game. So don’t delay!

Happy Holidays to All!

Doom and the team at Dwarven Forge

UPDATED 12/3/18: Submissions ended on November 30, 2018. We have begun to randomly select email addresses from our list.  Be sure to check your inbox (and for good measure, check spam as well!). If your email has been selected, you will hear from us during the month of December.

We have a very small quantity of resin Lake and Rivers Sets (about 70 all together). Rather than posting them in our webstore (where scarce product is not always allocated fairly), we’ve decided to do a small lottery to offer more people the chance to buy these sets.

The drawing will be held on December 1st.  There will be a limit of one set per person, and once names are drawn the selection will be first come first served. If your name is chosen we will email you, and you will have 48 hours to settle your purchase before we move on to the next name. May the odds be ever in your favor! Please use this link for more details and to sign up for the lottery.