Vorpal Board RPG Package

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Remote playing with your Dwarven Forge terrain is easy with Vorpal Board!

Use Vorpal's app and hardware to share your actual build online.  Their platform  combines video chat, high-res table streaming, and synchronous 3D dice rollsVorpal Board’s special mounting arm and its subscription service provide an unparalleled and affordable experience.

This package includes:

  • Vorpal's extra-long mounting arm with table clamp
  • Phone cradle with 360 degree ball joint
  • Two months of host subscription (reg price $9.99/mo) on the Vorpal Board platform
  • $15 Dwarven Forge Gift Card

  1. The mounting arm and phone cradle are shipped from Dwarven Forge.
  2. Your two-month subscription code will be emailed to you after you order this package. Use this code on the Vorpal Board website to redeem your subscription.
  3. Your Dwarven Forge gift card will be emailed to you from Dwarven Forge after you complete your order.  It is redeemable on the Dwarven Forge website.


Here's how to use Vorpal Board with your Dwarven Forge terrain.

For technical assistance:

  • Set up instructions can be found here.
  • Troubleshooting help is here.
  • A FAQ is available here.
  • For all additional questions or issues related to the product or service issues related to the online platform of Vorpal Board, please contact Vorpal Board.
Vorpal Board RPG Package
Vorpal Board RPG Package
Vorpal Board RPG Package
Vorpal Board RPG Package