Resources - Paint Tutorials

The Joy of Dwarven Forge Painting

Step-by-step tutorials for painting Dwarvenite by hand. Techniques taught by Dwarven Forge's lead painters.

The videos below demonstrate a variety of different painting techniques. We are continuing to release painting tutorials for our product lines.

Fall Forest

By popular demand, Hamster leads us through making a custom autumn paint job for our trees! He shares his mixtures along the way, but you can also copy this format and replace it with your own colors to easily design your own paint schemes.

Wildlands Flora and Fauna Paint Guide PDF

Wildlands Flora and Fauna

Wildlands features a lot of beautiful wildlife that vary from the standard paint schemes. This PDF compiles all the plants and trees with a list of every paint we used and how to apply them! This guide will be updated over time to include miniatures, LEDs, and other odds and ends from Wildlands. Download our PDF painting tutorial.

The Archaean Ruins

The Archaean Ruins were some of Wildlands' most beautiful pieces. This guide will take you through its simple but elegant paint scheme! Download our PDF Painting Tutorial.

Erinthor Mountains

Our Erinthor Mountains Paint Guide video is ready to view.
(Updated June 2022 with correct Product Number on Phthalo Green.) Download our PDF painting tutorial.

Dreadhollow 2.0 & Bleakmyre Swamp

Wildlands saw an update to the Dreadhollow Forest as well as its new sister biome, the Bleakmyre Swamp! While similar, they have different finishing touches, and they're both covered here! Download our PDF Dreadhollow painting tutorial.

Classic Dreadhollow Forest

Learn to paint the trees, stone escarpments, and forest floors from the Dreadhollow Forest. For supporting information, download our PDF tree painting tutorial.

The Underdoom

Learn how to paint your caverns in our fearsome Underdoom paint scheme. Download our PDF Underdoom painting tutorial.

Ice Caverns

How to paint caverns pieces in the ice paint scheme. Download our PDF Ice Caverns painting tutorial.

Caverns Deep: Standard Paint Scheme

Dive into the caverns with our standard Caverns Deep paint scheme.Download our PDF Standard Caverns painting tutorial.


Learn the secrets for painting your Hellscape pieces with an inferno paint scheme.

Dungeon of Doom Forsaken Temple: Red & Black

How to paint the Forsaken Temple in the standard red & black paint scheme. Download our PDF Forsaken Temple painting tutorial.

Lady Sabelle Paints Marble!

Lady Sabelle demonstrates how to paint marble to match the Limited Edition marble paint scheme.

Dungeon of Doom Forsaken Temple: Jade Edition

How to paint the limited edition jade paint scheme of the Forsaken Temple.

Dungeon of Doom: The Burrows

How to paint the earthen burrow tunnels.

Dungeon of Doom: Daises

A walk-through on painting your daises from the Dungeon of Doom. Download our PDF Dungeon of Doom: Daises painting tutorial.

Dungeon of Doom: Dungeon Walls

Learn how to paint your vaulted dungeon walls. Download the Dungeon Walls and Floors PDF Paint Tutorial.

How to Dry Brush!

Almost all of our pieces are dry brushed in one way or another, so here's a video to learn how.

Other Tutorials

General Painting Tips

PDF Instructions for City Builder & Castle (including Erinthor Mountains) Sets

Basic Painting Techniques

How to get started painting terrain.

Advanced Painting Techniques

Advanced terrain painting techniques beyond basic drybrushing.

Painting Dungeon Game Times

Learn techniques for painting game tiles with Stefan Pokorny and two lucky fans.

Painting Cavern Tiles

Techniques for painting cavernous terrain.

Painting Cavernous Water Tiles

A demonstration on how to paint cavernous water terrain tiles.

Painting Cavernous Lava Tiles

How to create a lava paint scheme for our caverns pieces.

Painting Lava River Tiles

A lava paint tutorial for our Lava River pieces.