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Whether it’s smoke from the bowels of the earth, vapor from a cascading volcano, or misty bellowing from a portal to another realm, the DF Floor Fogger helps you stage the perfect scene at your table.

Following the Wildlands Kickstarter, the casting color of the DF Floor Fogger changed from white to dark gray.

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Water-Based Fog

To avoid build up of mineral deposits, we recommend using distilled water. The internal reservoir holds approximately 70ml/2.4oz.

Your “fog” will generally evaporate as it billows upward rather than condensing on your tabletop. However, when you use the fogger underneath certain pieces, such as the Hellscape Volcano, water may pool inside the piece, so please use caution.

Water-based fog
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Wildlands Compatibility

How it Works

Warning: Do not damage the metal screen at the top of the fogger! Water diffuses through this screen and is vibrated at ultrasonic frequencies to turn it into vapor.

The first time you use the fogger (or after long idle periods) the wick that brings water from the reservoir up to the emitter may be dry. In these cases, after filling the reservoir, let the fogger sit for 5 - 10 minutes to allow water to reach the emitter. Alternatively, with the reservoir plug in place, turn the Fogger on and hold it upside down to soak the wick. When fog emits, turn it over and it’s ready for play!.

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Piece Compatibility

Place your Fogger on top of the Hole Knoll Floor (FF-707) or the Mountain SFX Floor (MF-706). Then place your Spreading Sporeclaw (SP-723) or Oblivion Nexus (MS-701a) on top. Or used directly with the Hellscape Volcano (LV-W04).

Wildlands Compatibility
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Continuous modes

Interval or Continuous Modes

“Interval Mode” releases three second long puffs of fog with ten second pauses in between.

“Continuous Mode” produces an uninterrupted flow of vapor.

When powered by batteries (recommended: 3x AAA alkaline), the Fogger operates up to 11 hours in interval mode, and approximately 2 hours in continuous mode.

When using the USB port (USB charging cable not included), the Fogger will operate up to 9 hours in the interval mode, and approximately 2 hours in continuous mode before the water reservoir must be refilled.

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Horizontal Use

Despite its name, The DF Floor Fogger can also be used on its side, so fog is released horizontally. However, please note that the water supply reservoir will only last about half as long in this position, as this is not its optimal operating procedure.

The fogger can be used horizontally
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For a printable instruction sheet, click here.