Hand-painted, modular gaming terrain for sci-fi RPGs & wargames

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Launching March 12 2024

STARFORGED is our brand new collection of modular terrain designed for sci-fi RPGs and wargames. Don’t miss any updates as we prepare for launch on March 12th on Gamefound - sign up below:

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Junky space freighters…

Isolated research stations… 

Bunker-strewn battlefields…

Build all this and more with STARFORGED. For our 12th crowdfunding campaign we’re thrilled to explore all the new building opportunities waiting to be discovered in deep space.

360° Pieces

Starforged is our most versatile collection of terrain ever. Nearly every piece is a 360° sculpt so all sides can be utilized. This allows you to quickly switch between interior and exterior building by simply flipping the core pieces upside down.

360 Degree Pieces

Hand-painted & Pre-assembled

Our strikingly hand-painted sets are ready for gaming right out of the box with no assembly required. We also offer unpainted sets if you want to create your own color schemes.

Hand Painted

Durable Dwarvenite

Our proprietary casting material “Dwarvenite®” makes our pieces incredibly durable, for a lifetime of gaming. Many Dwarvenite® pieces are enhanced with special features such as LEDs, magnets, and biscuit holes.

Durable Dwarvenite

Modular design

Our tried and true modular systems let you create an endless variety of builds from the same collection of pieces. Everything is designed on a 1” grid, making the pieces ideal for tactical movement and compatible with 25mm and 32mm scale games.

Modular Design
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Follow our Gamefound page to receive a FREE challenge coin with your completed pledge.

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