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Updated! Dungeon of Doom – Adventure module for characters levels 1-10

Can you navigate a massive, labyrinthine deathtrap in time to stop a bloodthirsty demigod from gaining unstoppable power? The Dungeon of Doom is a full-length adventure designed for both Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition and Pathfinder rules. The dungeon is a massive, deadly sprawl that consists of 15 interconnected Encounters – each of which is part of our Dungeon of Doom product line. Best of all, the module is available as a free download below!

The Dungeon of Doom is designed to be a difficult but conquerable challenge that will test the mettle of any who face it. Utilizing full-color player handouts, dramatic NPCs, cinematic scenes, and of course our premium terrain, this module creates a highly immersive and theatrical experience for all involved. We hope this adventure provides you plenty of fun, excitement, and memorable moments at the game table.

Ebook with hyperlinks (web version) (57MB)
Hi-Res File with Build Guides (printing version) (928MB – long download time)