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Dungeon of Doom – Adventure module for characters levels 1-10

The Dungeon of Doom is our first full-length adventure using the Dungeons & Dragons® fifth edition rules (or it can be converted to the Pathfinder system as detailed in Appendix E). The dungeon is a massive, deadly sprawl that consists of 15 interconnected Encounters – each of which is part of our Dungeon of Doom product line. They can be run together as a campaign, or dropped in as exciting additions to an existing dungeon or adventure.

The Dungeon of Doom is designed to be a difficult but conquerable challenge that will test the mettle of any who face it. Utilizing full-color player handouts, dramatic NPCs, cinematic scenes, and of course Dwarven Forge® terrain, this module is meant to create a highly immersive and theatrical experience for all involved. We hope this adventure provides you plenty of fun, excitement, and memorable moments at the game table.

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