Hellgate Pack (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


With its spires attached (they are modular pole accessories so you can swap them out) the Hellgate stands a staggering 9 inches high! It has a working drawbridge with manual crank - which is modular, so you can remove the crank and chains and/or the drawbridge completely.

The drawbridge feet are pole accessories, with pole accessory holes in the top. So they can be used to elevate any other pole accessory (or just used on their own). The cracked stone floor has a removable grate that covers a small lava pit, and a pair of pole accessory holes to decorate the front edge of the piece. The floor can also be used stand-alone, without the whole gate, and makes a nice landing for a Phantasmal Filter Magma Flow.

The Hellgate integrates very well with our Castle Builder pieces if you want to make your existing castle more devilish.

Hellgate Pack (Unpainted)
Hellgate Pack (Unpainted)
Hellgate Pack (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®