Dreadhollow Dressing - Painted

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All the freestanding flavor pieces to dress up any forest build. This collection of scatter pieces works equally well on top of sculpted terrain, Terrain Trays, or an existing battlemat. Use the modular pieces to top the stump patches with either full trees or mossy stumps. The Hollow Stump has a removable lid for revealing a surprise inside at the table or to use as a transition down into a subterranean lair. Finally the two Faerie Rings can be decorative mushrooms, or perhaps they hold fey magic, serving as teleport circles or faerie fire traps.

*This set features our updated Forest painting, with a narrower color palette (to match our Wildlands Forest sets, coming 2021).  It's also compatible with Forest sets from our original Caverns Deep (2018) release (see photos).

WT-605 Small Tree Middle 1
WT-604 Small Tree Top 1
FV-605 Freestanding Stump Patch A 1
FS-603/FS-603B Hollow Stump with Lid 1
TR-609 Faerie Ring (Freestanding) 2
WT-606 Small Tree Bottom 1
WT-617 Small Stump Topper 1
WT-618 Large Stump Topper 1
WT-616 Bare Small Trunk 1
FS-606 Stump Patch B (Large) 1
WT-619 Large Gnarled Tree 1
Dreadhollow Dressing - Painted
Dreadhollow Dressing - Painted
Dreadhollow Dressing - Painted
Dreadhollow Dressing - Painted