Cavern Set

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This ultra-realistic cavern is the perfect setting for a deadly dungeon crawl. The pieces are fully interchangeable with all other MasterMaze sets and accessories, and they work great with the other Cavernous sets. This is a must-have set as it is the main set that allows all the other Cavernous sets to be used well.

Just look at the level of detail in the close-up below! The puddles and waterspouts are actually filled with clear resin giving them depth and superb realism. Also, see the last photo for an example of a possible set-up that includes this set as well as OTHER Cavernous sets available from Dwarven Forge.

The set includes:
(4) curved sections
(3) straight wall sections
(2) complex corner sections
(2) dead end sections
(3) floor sections
(1) corner conversion section
(1) twisted conversion section
(2) stalagmites
(1) medium flat rock
(2) small flat rocks
(2) small water "tubs"

Cavern Set