Citadel / Grand Citadel Crenellation Pack (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


All the crenellations needed to fully fortify a Citadel or Grand Citadel Expert Pledge with regular (non-doubled) walls. Six feet of wall defenses! Note: If you plan on enhancing your castle with Double Thick Walls, you may wish to use KS3 Crenellations instead.

This set contains 36 pieces:

4-CR-006 Rampart Crenellation 28
4-CR-003 Accessory Slot Crenellation 2
4-BA-001 Oil Cauldron 2
CC-002 Crenellated Straight Wall 2
4-CR-009 High Crenellated Corner 2
Citadel / Grand Citadel Crenellation Pack (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®