Encounter 03: Lever Chamber - Unpainted (NO anchor magnets)

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Rusted iron shrieks as you navigate the devious machinations of the lever puzzle in an attempt to recover the three pieces of the Cryptic Key. This set has NO ANCHOR MAGNETS.

AC-506 LED Angled Torch 4
AC-519 LED Eldritch Wall Ward 4
AC-520 Eldritch Warded Trapdoor 3
AV-501 Vaulted Wall 10
AV-507 Vaulted Open Arch Wall 1
AV-510 Vaulted Corner w/ LED Socket 4
AV-512 Vaulted Large Curve 4
AV-513 Large Curve Backfill Floor 4
AV-514 Vaulted Large Curve Insert Wall (Magnetic) 4
AV-516 Vaulted Dungeon Floor 2
AV-517 2x2 Trapdoor Floor 3
AV-520 4x4 Dungeon Floor 1
DR-501 Vaulted Door Frame 1
DR-504 Ancient Door 1
IN-502 Bars Insert 1
IN-503 Solid Wall Insert 1
K1-505 Classic Dungeon Freestanding Corner (Magnetic) 4
TR-501 Magnetic Wall Lever 4
TR-521 Cryptic Key Pedestal 1
Encounter Area 3: Lever Chamber - Unpainted