Flags and Gargoyles (Painted)

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Flags and banners to provide a splash of color against the grey expanse of huge stone walls, or to advertise what knight or noble is in residence… and gargoyles to add a gothic touch to any fortress!

This set contains 28 pieces:

4-PA-002 Perched Gargoyle 4
4-WA-003 Hanging Lion Gargoyle 4
4-PA-008 Griffin Statue 4
4-PA-004 Flag A - Waving 2
4-PA-009 Flag C - Rectangle 2
4-WA-012 Projecting Banner - Flat 2
4-PA-001 Head on Pike 4
4-WA-004 Hanging Flat Banner 2
4-PA-010 Wooden Pole Stand 4
Flags and Gargoyles (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®