Gatehouse Set (Painted)

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A gatehouse with working drawbridge and large, ornate doors. A great focal point for a castle, city or dungeon.

This set contains 11 pieces:

4-GH-006 Double Door Arch Wall 1
4-GH-010L Gatehouse Double Doors - Left 1
4-GH-010R Gatehouse Double Doors - Right 1
4-CR-009 High Crenellated Corner 4
4-GH-008 Gatehouse Floor 1
4-GH-001 Drawbridge Arch Wall 1
4-GH-002 Wooden Drawbridge 1
4-RP-007 4x4 Roof Platform 1
Gatehouse Set (Painted)
Gatehouse Set (Painted)
cast in dwarvenite®