Ice Cavern Set - 23 pieces

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The Ice Cavern Set is a great companion set to any of the other Cavernous Sets.  It works great with the normal Cavern Set (MM-015), and, in fact, the Ice Cavern Set has been designed to easily allow the mixing of the two sets. 

The level of detail is amazing, and there are even clear "ice" walls and "ice" puddles! The set comes completely hand-painted and ready to use right out of the box. 

The set includes:
(4) curved sections
(3) straight wall sections
(2) complex corner sections
(2) dead end sections
(3) floor sections
(1) corner conversion section
(1) twisted conversion section
(2) stalagmites
(1) medium flat rock
(2) small flat rocks
(2) small water "tubs"


Ice Cavern Set - 23 pieces