LED Illuminated Floor (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


Four different dramatic sculptures for castle, city or dungeon. All can be lit from beneath using the included LED floor piece, but also work well as freestanding (unlit) items.

Note: Floor has two LED effects with a 2-way switch. There are two flickering yellow LEDs and two steady white LEDs.

This set contains 5 pieces:

4-LD-012 Coal Pit Floor Cover 1
4-LD-014 Arcane Circle Floor Cover 1
4-LD-011 LED Illuminated Floor 1
4-LD-013 Magic Fountain Floor Cover 1
4-LD-015 Serpent Obelisk Floor Cover 1
LED Illuminated Floor (Unpainted)
LED Illuminated Floor (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®