Mountain Cliff Pack - Unpainted

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Naturally contoured limestone cliffs to create a rugged crag or a stretch of 2" tall, jagged-edged elevation beneath a tower or mountain outpost. Also combine well with other natural terrain such as the DF KS2 Caverns. Note: Mountains pieces are made on the true 1" scale like all other pieces in the Castle system.

This set contains 18 pieces:

4-EV-001 Straight Cliff 4
4-EV-002 Curved Cliff 2
4-EV-007 2x1 Elevation Block 2
4-EV-003 Swell Cliff 4
4-EV-009 Small Curved Cliff 2
4-EV-008 Inside Curved Cliff 2
4-EV-010 Cave Opening 1
4-EV-011 Cave Plug 1
Mountain Cliff Pack - Unpainted