Necromancer Mega Pack (Unpainted)

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Unpainted Set


An enormous array of LED items and other decorations for the stronghold of the Lord of Evil. Convert any fortress into a place of fear and darkest magic. Note: Includes 10 LED elements; up to four can be lit simultaneously with the parts included. Additonal Rune Stones can be used to customize other LED socket pieces such as the Gatehouse, the LED Large Tower Wall and the LED Torch wall from the City Builder System.

This set contains 90 pieces:

4-WA-007 Arrowslit Cover - Necromancer 12
4-BA-003 Monster Face Shutter 24
4-WA-002 Hanging Skeleton 16
4-LD-002 LED Rune Claw 8
4-PA-001 Head on Pike 10
4-PA-012 Standing Skeleton 12
4-LD-004 LED Socket Pillar 2
4-LD-008 LED Claw Brazier 2
4-LD-005 LED Circular Socket 2
4-AC-006 Necromancer Throne 1
4-GH-011 Magnetic Necromancer Crest 1
Necromancer Mega Pack (Unpainted)
cast in dwarvenite®